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- VERMILLION ORIGINS, a generations-old, family-owned tea house at YAKURIKI -

​薬力社 Yakuriki Shrine - YAKURIKI, god of health and medicine

Yakuriki Shrine is located in Inari-yama, about 40-minute walk up the mountain from the main shrine of Fushimi Inari. Here our main shop, the 100-year-old Tea House, has been providing the necessary goods for prayer and visiting the Yakuriki Shrine for generations. 


Yakuriki is a god for health and medicine and Yasuriki Shrine, as well as the many other sub-shrines around the area of Yakuriki Shrine, are visited to pray for long life, advances in medical technology and treatment, success in medical operation and for other specific health-related wishes. Also, Oseki ohkami, a god for protecting the throat, is worshiped here by artists in the performing arts, such as singers and actors, to perform well at their craft.


- VERMILLION, linking the past to the future, the local to the world -

The ninth generation Yakurikitei owner, Shigeo Kimura, left Kyoto at the age of 18 and lived in Melbourne, Australia for 18 years before returning back to Kyoto to establish his own café in his hometown. With the idea of recreating a Melbourne-style café—friendly communication hub in the local community—our aim is to provide a place where communication and culture meets both the local and international community. We also wish to provide historical and touristic information to visitors to provide a better understanding of Fushimi Inari.


Links to Video Introduction (YouTube)

Yakuriki Tea House and surroundings

Vermillion - cafe.

Vermillion - espresso bar & info.

朱 SHU. by Vermillion



Vermillionは薬力亭の9代目となる木村茂生が18年間過ごした街、オーストラリア・メルボルンのカフェをイメージながら、帰国後すぐに当初は薬力亭の片隅にて夫婦ではじめたカフェです。2013年にespresso bar & info.を開店、2016年にcafe.を開店し、2017年より茶店も含め法人化、現在は株式会社薬力亭として運営しております。2019年より朱 SHU. by Vermillion 贈る土産もの店を開業しました。



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