Plan your trip over a cup of coffee?



Black? White? or Green?

Vermillion original blend beans are roasted by the WEEKENDERS COFFEE (their coffee stand located in the city centre, just off Tominokoji street). We also serve pour-over single origin beans. Also, our Uji Matcha Latte, (originally blended matcha powder, sugar and honey with steamed milk) is highly recommended.  

当店の珈琲は京都の焙煎所WEEKENDERS COFFEEに特別にお願いしたVermillionブレンドでお淹れしています。エスプレッソ以外にハンドドリップで、シングルオリジンの豆もご用意しています。珈琲以外にも濃厚で甘さ控えめな宇治抹茶ラテなど、ほっと一息ついていただける飲み物をご用意しています。

Hike & Brunch

Vermillion - cafe. offers home made meals and sandwiches during the lunch time (kitchen close at 14:00), also has all-day menu such as cheese toast and home made granola at both shops. Vegetarian and Vegan options are available and stated on the menu if you have dietary needs. 

Vermilion - cafe.店では自家製サンドイッチやブランチメニューをご用意しています。パンは進々堂、伏見いがやの仙石ハムとソーセージ、できるだけ京都の食材を使って手作りしています。数に限りがございますので、どうぞお早めにお越しください。

Sweets & Cakes

We bake muffins and cookies everyday at our kitchen. Butter, eggs and wheats are contained in the most items, please ask us if you have anything you would prefer not to eat. 
photo: Matcha ganache - glutenfree, comes with a little vermillion torii


Little things from Fushimiinari

We also sell originally designed Fushimiinari motif items for your souvenirs, such as tenugui (Japanese multi-purpose cloth/ tea towel), postcards and magnets. At Vermillion - cafe., we also display coffee server pitchii, cups and plates from the arita 1616 brand. 

店頭では珈琲豆の他、薬力亭・Vermillionオリジナルの伏見稲荷モチーフの注染手ぬぐいやポストカード、マグネットを販売しています。また、Vermillion - cafe.では珈琲サーバーや有田焼のカップ、お皿も取り扱っています。伏見稲荷のお土産探しに是非ご利用ください。

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